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REPLAY : Entrepreneurs and MSMEs as Powerful Agents to Achieve the SDGs –

Entrepreneurs and MSMEs can be powerful agents of change especially if they receive the proper awareness and tools to take advantage of the trillions in business opportunities associated with the SDGs while providing socially and environmentally sound solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

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REPLAY : Global Entrepreneurship Monitor / Entrepreneurship benefits society when there is a foundation of entrepreneurial talent and inspiration, equal access to everyone and across all contexts, and when these entrepreneurs can grow, innovate, sell globally and sustain their businesses.

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REPLAY : Introducing the new Journal for the International Council for Small Business (JICSB) –

explores the many dimensions of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) policy, economic development policy supporting MSMEs, and MSME performance.

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REPLAY : Europe in Face of a Crisis – Tradition and Innovation Connect –

Now, as Europe faces a global crisis, its drive to be together is even more important. SMEs will be hurt tremendously and the European countries and the EU need to come together to deliver a solution of the century. The traditions of the countries in Europe will welcome innovation to help everyone move forward. This webinar session will discuss some of the challenges and also present opportunities.

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REPLAY – The SME Crisis in Asia – Innovation is Not an Option – Asia was hit first with the Covid-19 crisis.

They had to figure it out without having a script or roadmap. Innovation was not an option for them as millions of lives were a stake. How did an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do mindset mobilize everyone? How did Humane Entrepreneurship play a critical role?

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Mardi 26 Mai 2020

15h00 : st Virtual Family Business Research & Practice Conference

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